Jean Baptiste

Instructor - Brussels (Belgium)

When I commenced my training in Shaolin Nam Pai Chuan Kung Fu, I was so enthused by the system and my teacher Sandra Nebe that I made her a promise to always continue in the art that she has taught me.


From the first class in 2005 to the present day I still remain as passionate and committed to my training and now teaching. Through my training and understanding of my art I have gained more confidence, perseverance, emotions management and more respect for self and others.


It is in the cosmopolitan city of Brussels that I teach three times a week in collaboration with my fellow black belt Ralph Lloyd Davis. We are also preparing to begin a kid’s class.


Since the establishment of the Brussels club we have maintained a strong relationship with the Sussex Club under Sifu Matthew Gross.


On a purely personal level, it is in the Nam Pai Chuan system I met the mother of my children. It is certainly more than Kung Fu…

Frederic Serruys

Instructor - Liege, Brussels (Belgium)

Hi everyone,

I’m Frédéric, I live in Liège (Belgium) with my wife and our si… cats. For the MBTI initiates (if not, do have the test it’s pretty interesting) I’m an INTJ (alias ‘The Scientist’) described as follows (and it fits pretty well): independent, original, analytical, and determined. Have an exceptional ability to turn theories into solid action plans. Highly value knowledge, competence, and structure. Driven to derive meaning from their visions. Long-range thinkers. Have very high standards for their performance, and the performance of others.

I started practising martial arts at six and, as my motto suggests, I’ve had the curiosity to try various disciplines:

  • I studied Karate for two years with Jacques Debatty (7th dan).



  • I then practiced French Boxing for two years and stepped to gym for a few years before coming back to French Boxing where I later became an instructor of the club.



  • In parallel, I started practicing Pakua (or Bagua Zhang) under the lead of Sifu René (8th dan in Taichi, Bagua and Xhing I) and practiced two to three times a week for several years until he passed out in 2000.



  • When I moved to Brussels for my job, I continued French Boxing, along with Kick Boxing in the Golden Club (with Jean-Claude Van Damme’s teacher, 7th dan Karate and Kick Boxing) but after an injury, I had to stop for two years… and gained 30 kilos in the process (as well as a new wardrobe).



  • I could resume training in 2006 and discovered a Kung-Fu club by luck: the Nam Pai Chuan Center in Brussels supervised by Sifu Sandra Nebe. Thanks to her QiGong and intensive training, I managed to get back to my original weight.



  • I got my first black belt degree in 2009 and with the help of my Sifu, I was allowed to open my own center in Liège. I obtained my second degree in 2014.



On top of training up to seven times a week, I go as frequently as possible to Brussels and London to perfect my techniques with my Sigung, my Sifu, and other Seniors of the System. I dedicate most of my training time learning specific techniques of Eagle under the supervision of Sifu Leppard.

During different exchanges and trips in Asia, I was also initiated to other styles such as Birman Boxing, Ju-Jitsu, Krav-Maga, Aïkido, Wing-Chun, TaiChi… I’m currently following a certification course for Sport Coach, Yoga and martial Tai Chi.


Why NPC Kung Fu?

The Ancient Martial Art of Shaolin Lohan Kung Fu Rite of 35 Chambers  The Lohan Sect (Group or Association) existed in China for over 1,650 years. They were the founders of the “White Lotus Society,” one of the few groups authorized to teach non-Buddhists the secrets of Shaolin Kung Fu. Shaolin monks were considered among
Learning self defence
Learning to defend yourself or your family is a priority to most people. Our classes deal with various aspects of self defence.
Learning something new
Our classes are a great way to learn something new and different. We consider ourselves to be the thinking person's art.
Building self-confidence
Our classes work on building a solid foundation with attainable objectives, which help increase our children's overall confidence.
Dealing with bullying
Our training helps our children grow in confidence, which fosters a positive behaviour and prevents any tendencies to want to bully.
Following the government’s latest advice on reducing non essential contact and travel, the system has taken the decision to close all NPC classes from Monday 23rd March 2020 until at least Monday 20th April 2020. We take the well being of all our members very seriously and in these testing times our priority is to
Instilling discipline
Discipline can be found in all of our classes and this is often a reason parents send their children to attend our classes.
The Sifu
The term of Master is a term used to denote the ultimate Teacher in Asian and Oriental cultural disciplines. The term translates into different words of course in different cultures.  In Indian Vedic systems the term Guru or Mahaguru is often used. In Japanese systems you have Sensei.  Many Japanese cultural disciplines use the term

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We are one of the largest and most respected Shaolin Kung Fu schools in the world.

Our style originates from the Shaolin temples in northern and southern China, and is taught at centres around the world.

We employ traditional training methods which have been used for centuries to teach Kung Fu to Shaolin monks, alongside more modern methods to help our students learn self-defence techniques and improve their fitness.



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