Although Kung fu teaches students not to rely on physical strength to defend themselves, a good all round level of fitness and stamina is essential for performing techniques to a good standard.

Our instructors use a combination of stretching, cardiovascular, strength and flexibility training, and body conditioning to help students continuously improve their overall fitness and flexibility.

Our mission places a high emphasis on fitness so our centres constantly vary the types of fitness training they do to maintain an all-round body fitness and also to keep our classes as interesting and fun as possible. We also believe it is important to condition the mind, so our instructors use endurance training to help students learn how to deal with fatigue – often the difference between success or failure in a combat situation.

Our students have reported experiencing a whole range of benefits from training, some physical and some mental. Many students report that the fitness training has helped with weight loss, improving their overall fitness and core strength. Some find that the training boosts their self esteem, gives them more confidence at work, helps them to focus, and to practice self-discipline outside of the training environment.

Although often busy and noisy, many students also find that the discipline of the training environment is calming and helps relieve stress. Unlike some fitness or martial arts classes, we encourage students to change training partners (as many as 20 different partners in a single class) to experience training with partners with different builds and levels of fitness. This also has the additional benefit of creating a welcoming environment where students get to know one another and make friends quickly.

Improves fitness and flexibility
Our classes are a fantastic way of getting fit. We incorporate the very best training techniques to help improve your overall fitness and flexibility which in turn helps promote better well being and posture alignment. We use a combination of static and dynamic stretching to get your body loose in order to perform some of the more rigorous training in class and over time the things that you thought were impossible to do, will become possible.

Helps with weight loss and builds on muscular strength
We dedicate part of the class to body conditioning and building the overall strength of muscles. This could be something as simple as press ups and sit ups, working with medicine balls or even working on static core exercises. In addition we incorporate the use of pad work drills which combined with the other aspects of our class, guarantees a full body workout, which in turn helps improve the toning and strengthening of the body.

Punching requires strengthHelps with stress relief
Modern day life is full of stress in one form or another. Many of our students find that being in a disciplined training environment is calming and by incorporating physical exercise coupled with meditative work this helps to prevent stress.

Slide (2)Increases lung capacity and bone strength
Over time and continued training our classes can improve overall lung capacity which in turn improves your exercise endurance as well as better oxygenation of your blood. In addition as most of our training is weight bearing this in turn helps strengthens and increases bone density which can act as a preventative for aliments such as osteoporosis.

Training can improve circulationImproves circulation and helps with overall cardiovascular fitness
Our classes combine various cardiovascular exercises such as jogging on the spot, jumping jacks, touch sparring, relay races to help the body get warm. The classes in correlation to the pad work, body conditioning and various other training methods we have, help improve circulation and cardio fitness. What sets us apart from other forms of training is we also incorporate “Chi-gung” breathing meditation exercises, which works on strengthening and improving functionality of our internal organs. Chi-gung has been around for over a thousand years and the breathing techniques done either in a static position or with movement helps with circulation and healing the body internally.


Why NPC Kung Fu?

Improving behaviour
Our classes teach respect, politeness and having good manners and this helps foster and develop better behaviour overall.
Learning something new
Our classes are a great way to learn something new and different. We consider ourselves to be the thinking person's art.
Learning self defence
Learning to defend yourself or your family is a priority to most people. Our classes deal with various aspects of self defence.
Taking some time out for yourself
We offer a fun yet focused environment where you can take some time out for yourself.
Meeting new people and making new friends
Our classes are a great way to meet new people. Our students come from all walks of life.
2022 Chinese New Year Greeting
Chinese New Year Greeting from Master Lai: I wish all our Chinese members, and those that follow Chinese traditions, the very best of good fortune, good health and happiness in this New Tiger Year ! Ride the Tiger in the most enjoyable way and make him work for you!! Always in our ART Sifu 1st
Gym etiquette during Coronavirus epidemic
If you feel unwell and have either a fever, a bad cough or cold, it is best to stay away from class and see a doctor or get some medication. Frequently clean hands by using alcohol-based hand rub or soap and water.  Wash your hands before and after training for at least 30 seconds, with
Instilling discipline
Discipline can be found in all of our classes and this is often a reason parents send their children to attend our classes.

About Us


We are one of the largest and most respected Shaolin Kung Fu schools in the world.

Our style originates from the Shaolin temples in northern and southern China, and is taught at centres around the world.

We employ traditional training methods which have been used for centuries to teach Kung Fu to Shaolin monks, alongside more modern methods to help our students learn self-defence techniques and improve their fitness.



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