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    Master Lai’s Message to Direct Black Belts

    Dear Direct Black belts, There is simply no way for me to set the HQ BB afternoons to suit every single direct black belt of mine, and even less so for all the NPC black belts.  I had no intention of seeking to do this. The second Saturday afternoon of each month has been picked

    Meeting new people and making new friends

    Our classes are a great way to meet new people. Our students come from all walks of life.

    Improving behaviour

    Our classes teach respect, politeness and having good manners and this helps foster and develop better behaviour overall.

    Daisigung, Great Grandmaster, Quek Heng Choon

    Daisigung, Quek Heng Choon Daisigung Quek Heng Choon was born in 1926 in Huian county in the Fujian province of China. At the age of 13, he met a wandering medicine seller named Liu Pingshan who was a master of the Taizu style and became his student for three years.   In 1942, aged 16,

    European Tournament 2008

    Photographs from the Nam Pai Chuan Kung Fu Tournament in 2008.


    The Ancient Martial Art of Shaolin Lohan Kung Fu Rite of 35 Chambers  The Lohan Sect (Group or Association) existed in China for over 1,650 years. They were the founders of the “White Lotus Society,” one of the few groups authorized to teach non-Buddhists the secrets of Shaolin Kung Fu. Shaolin monks were considered among


    About Us


    We are one of the largest and most respected Shaolin Kung Fu schools in the world.

    Our style originates from the Shaolin temples in northern and southern China, and is taught at centres around the world.

    We employ traditional training methods which have been used for centuries to teach Kung Fu to Shaolin monks, alongside more modern methods to help our students learn self-defence techniques and improve their fitness.



    A journey of discovery

    We’ve developed a level of self-awareness that extends beyond Kung Fu into our day-to-day lives.

    Andy and Rowena Parents of child student, Daniel

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