Cho Si Dinner 2018 Speech by Sifu Lai

CHO SI Dinner Saturday 17th November 2018

Nampaichuan came into being, in Malaysia. In 1976 when I decided to develop a Martial Art, combining all the work and study I had done since I began studying Martial Arts as a Child in 1956.

Nampaichuan has as its anchor, my studies of Shaolin GaoCan to which has been contributed the skills that I have learnt from many other Teachers of Martial Arts.    I have been very fortunate that all of them have been resoundingly and consistently geniuses in their Skills, and Humble in their approach.

These days, there are many “combined” styles, often seeking to combine elements that just do not go together.

Nampaichuan does not suffer from that ailment – it works exceedingly well because it seeks to be (above all) practical and is based on traditional Oriental Values recognising a need for Humility and an unquenchable desire to always learn and always be a student. When we begin to believe our own propaganda that we are Masters – we cease to be so. The Ego shown by the incorrect  application of the Pride gene will destroy your Art and eventually will destroy you.

Therefore, when I began my journey of discovery I began to learn how to recognise when prideful arrogance rears its head within me and to make efforts to curb it.  Many of us become prideful because we refuse to see and recognize it in ourselves.

When one journeys, one has the option of many roads.

There are many wrong roads and detours that lead nowhere eventually.

The only person who decide which path to take is YOU.    Make sure you take the path to what you seek.  Therefore, the evergreen question will be WHAT IS IT YOU SEEK?

For myself, I seek to perform what has become my DUTY as well as my DREAM.

I wish to bring the knowledge and skills of Gaocan Mun Nampaichuan to all sincere learners and students, not for money, not for fame but for my School and for all my Teachers before me as Tribute for what they have shared with me.

And so…. The question you must all ask of yourselves tonight is HOW DO I HELP?



17th November 2018


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